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Mighty Oaks exists to serve the community by giving free coffee to anyone and everyone. There is no hidden agenda or long term business plan; we are quite simply local Christians who wish to demonstrate God’s love through practical service. We do not charge for any of the drinks that we make - any donations we are offered feed directly into running the service the following week

The idea of Mighty Oaks came about in 2007 when a group of Christians in Morpeth got together to decide how best to serve the community. As a group of people who follow Jesus’ example we feel it is important to take our faith beyond the church walls and out into the places we live so we can get to know people, offer something for nothing and be a listening ear if the need arises.


Our main activity is serving high quality hot drinks from our espresso machine at weekends when people are starting to think about going home from the pubs, bars & restaurants, although we also support other community activities from time to time. We continue to serve with an ever increasing group of dedicated and well-trained volunteers who attend churches in the local area. We are financially supported by generous individuals and churches and this enables us to maintain the smooth running of our vehicles and keep well stocked

Like all great oak trees, we have grown from our roots in Morpeth to having branches in Alnwick, Low Fell in Gateshead and even Colorado!


We have a passion for people, a passion for coffee & a passion for Jesus. We are Mighty Oaks

 About Mighty Oaks  

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