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Within Aurora Colorado, there is a huge homeless community which requires services that are currently limited, such as the provision of meals on a weekend. It was this need, along with Mighty Oaks ethos, that Mighty Oaks Aurora was founded: To demonstrate the love of Christ through practical service and the hope of building relationships within the community.


Every Saturday lunchtime 3 or 4 members of the Mighty Oaks Aurora Team head out and serve healthy, wholesome, home cooked meals (provided by our very talented volunteers!). We serve in the region of 70-100 people, some of those being children and typically serve at 4 different locations. Being the only service provider that serves every Saturday, we have become recognised and replied upon as there are many who would otherwise not have a meal over the course of the weekend.


As the weather in Aurora is very erratic (it can be as low as -20º or as high as mid 30s in a short space of time) it makes it hard for our homeless community to carry essential items. Where possible Mighty Oaks also provides many other items such as toiletries, sunscreen, flip-flops, socks, hats and gloves but our primary aim is to build relationships and show the love of Christ!

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