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At mighty Oaks we have many volunteers that are scheduled in over various weekends, each weekend we will have 4-6 volunteers working on the square. All of the volunteers at Mighty Oaks are trained by local highly skilled Baristas, everyone attends a training session at least once a year, where we will get together one evening and talk, share ideas and have a good time. 

All of the volunteers come from Churches around Morpeth, these include: The New Life Christian Centre, Morpeth Baptist Church, St James, St Mary’s, St Aidan’s and St Robert’s.

Meet the Team

My name is Rachael Sligo, I volunteer at Mighty Oaks Morpeth. I'm married to Lee and have two little girls. I'm a primary school teacher by day and have been involved with Mighty Oaks since its beginnings in 2007. I went to school in Morpeth and now I live and go to church in the town. Mighty Oaks has become a big part of my life as I now help with the organisation and running. I even met my husband whilst working on the trailer back in 2010. 

We’re Liz and Jason Underhill. We’ve been in Morpeth since 2000 (originally coming from Birmingham, accent and all) and have 2 sons at uni. Jason is an IT consultant, currently working at Nissan, and Liz an NHS pharmacist. We both attend Newlife Christian Centre and love it. We’ve been part of Mighty Oaks since 2015 and love serving fab free coffee and chatting to all the Saturday night night-owls

Hi, I’m the Rev Simon White.  I have been Rector of Morpeth for 3 years and before that Newcastle Diocesan Youth officer. I have 4 children 2 grown up and living in Morpeth, one at university and another at middle school. My wife is an early year’s teacher and we have been married for 27 years I have been involved with Mighty Oaks coffee waggon for over 3 years and it is probably one of the most rewarding things I volunteer for. Being able to serve with a really fun loving group of people is really exciting and fulfilling. Meeting Morpeth folk on a Saturday night is also a wonderful way of blessing our community and I love every minute of it. 

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